Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tacfit Commando Reviews - Does Tacfit Commando Work and is it For You?

Tacfit Commando is a workout program that's based on workout routines by Israeli top army units, counter terrorism squads, bodyguards, and law enforcement agencies. It was created by Scott Sonnon who actually worked with many of these units and created special workout routines to help them improve their physical ability and prepare them for their missions.
This is not a fat loss program so if you're looking for a diet, this isn't it. In addition, this is not a muscle building program. In fact, it's not about how you look at all.
Although I have no doubt that by using this program you will eliminate a lot of stubborn fat and develop that lean, athletic, and muscular body that soldiers in special units grow, the focus of the program is on the kind of workouts that can help you boost your physical ability to a whole new level. The muscle growth you will experience isn't the bulky sort many people gain from gym workouts but a more functional one.
So, if what you care about most of all is your appearance, Tacfit Commando may not be the right program for you. If you want to get yourself to a whole new fitness level and get an awesome body as a side effect, and provided that you're not scared of a massive challenge, this may be just what you seek.
There's no doubt that Tacfit Commando does work. No military unit uses workouts that don't produce results. Soldiers are constantly judged and their results are frequently measured. You can't get away with half measures in any self respecting army.
This is a program made up entirely of bodyweight exercises. You don't need any equipment for any of the workouts. In addition, as the schedule of soldiers is tight, the workouts are very short. They make up for it in their intensity. The workouts in this program can be very challenging for someone who's used to standard weight lifting. They involve a lot more movement, flexibility, and core strength.
The workouts are divided into different levels so you can progress gradually through the exercises. In addition, each exercise is explained and shown in detail, so you can easily learn the proper form and technique.
Get this program only if you're prepared for some hard work. I have no doubt that you will feel and look much more athletic as a result of following this program but be aware of the effort involved.
All in all, this is a high quality, unique program that can get you fitter than ever.
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