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Ten EASY Strategies to Curb a Sweet Tooth


Just kidding, nothing is easy, especially when it comes to breaking cravings and addictions. The "sugar bug" has a strong hold on us. Studies have shown that in America, the average person consumes about 21 teaspoons of sugar a day. We eat sweets to get an energy boost, comfort ourselves, reward ourselves, celebrate, and even calm ourselves down. Heck, half the fun of a birthday party is getting to eat cake! But with a lot of motivation and persistence, you can beat the sugar bug.
Recently on one of my social networking pages a woman wrote in about her 6-month-old granddaughter whose doctor suggested the baby NOT eat fruits or vegetables because she will grow to have intense sugar cravings. The doctor suggested rice cereal as the only option. WHAT? Beware of misinformation.
"When you eat carbohydrates, either simple or complex, your body breaks them down into sugars, which are absorbed into the bloodstream" (from, How Do Carbs Affect Blood Sugar?*).
As you read the strategies below, you will find the culprits that cause a sweet tooth, and perhaps you will discover how the little bugs found their way into your lifestyle.
10 easy strategies to curb a sweet tooth:
1. Be aware of too much salt and processed foods
We crave and need dietary salt or our body won't function. A lack of salt can cause fatigue and stimulate overeating and cravings for animal protein. With so many natural salts available, it's quite easy to lose track of how much we eat. Craving sweet foods is one of the most reliable indicators of excess salt in your diet.
2. Eat little or no animal protein
Animal protein is the Holy Grail of the American diet, but the meat-and-potatoes mentality is so... yesterday. Extensive research shows excess animal protein can
lead to colon and prostate cancer (according to The China Study** by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell). Limit your menu to three or four servings per week (maximum), as opposed to having meat daily. Like sugar, animal protein creates cravings that can be curbed.
3. Don't stuff yourself
Overeating can cause fatigue and sluggishness. Sugar is a quick-fix "pick me up" that temporarily stimulates energy, or so our body is tricked into thinking. Eat frequent small meals and allow your body to use fuel more efficiently without weighing it down.
4. Don't forget to eat
Waiting too long to eat slows metabolism and the delivery of glucose to the blood, therefore causing your blood sugar to drop. By the time you manage to eat, you will probably grab for a simple sugar. Protein bars are nothing but glorified candy bars, so be careful not to get lost in that cycle. Sometimes hunger is so overdue, we end up overeating with fatty foods to compensate for the sugar fix. Eating every 3-4 hours is key. Not a big meal, think light.
5. Avoid big dinners before bed
If your body is too busy digesting when it goes to bed, it will never get sufficient rest. You will likely awake groggy the next morning looking for a caffeine and sugar fix to jumpstart your day. Try eating lighter dinners 2-3 hours before bed time.
6. Simply avoid sugar
This may seem like a "no-brainer," but knowing that eating simple sugars causes blood sugar to drop and stimulates a need for more sugar may help you understand the vicious cycle. Even though fruit is considered a simple sugar, switching to fruit is a good choice. Always eat the skin of the fruit because fiber slows blood sugar elevation.
7. Eat whole complex carbohydrates
If your daily diet mainly consists of whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, oats and barley) and vegetables (root tubers, leafy greens, squashes and cabbages), then you'll find you already crave less sugar. A plant-based diet is balanced and thus helps to reduce cravings. Emphasizing sweet vegetables such as carrots, beets, cooked onions and corn can add just enough natural sweetness to meals.
8. Exercise consistently, not necessarily intensely
Daily exercise increases circulation and naturally increases your sensitivity to sugar. When you are more sensitive to sugar, eating it makes you feel bad. This naturally alleviates cravings. Brisk walking, biking, dancing, or light jogging for 20 to 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week should be enough to get you out of the sugar bug blues. Make sure whatever you do, you enjoy it. Exercise should not be a chore, it should be fun. Exercise also raises serotonin levels that can help you with emotional eating.
9. Don't stress out
It is not healthy to suppress your feelings, which doesn't mean you have to broadcast every emotion, unless that's how you like it. When we hold back our feelings we tend to reach for comfort foods. That's why people find themselves crying over a carton of cookies-and-cream ice cream. Sugar provides a temporary sensory pleasure, much like a drug, providing mental and emotional relief. However, long-term relief is further out of site as your coping mechanisms are hindered by decreased energy and mental clarity.
10. Don't get triggered
A lot of how we feel about food has to do with our upbringing and childhood memories. Certain foods have emotional and psychological associations for us that are ingrained in our history. More often than not, we will make poor food choices that feed our nostalgia. Beware of family associations, movie rituals, familiar restaurants, childhood habits, and know that the lollipop after your visit to the doctor was just a bribe, not a treat to get you through your vaccination shots.
In health and love,

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Green Coffee Beans

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy at any cost. But not many people know the art of doing it. By reading this article, you will get some great help regarding this topic. Coffee bean extract is something that you must have heard of for sure. Basically, it is chocked full of strong anti - oxidants which are similar to those found in green tea and grape seed. These beans comprise in polyphenols, which help you reduce free radicals. Green coffee bean extract based supplements can help you lose weight. Well, one can easily say that such products have really gained popularity around the world. In this article, we are going talk in detail about green coffee bean extract for losing weight. We will tell you how good this weight loss product is.

What is Green Coffee Bean and How Does it work?

The raw coffee beans that haven't been roasted are regarded as Green coffee beans. These types of beans offer you plenty of benefits including weight loss. Chlorogenic acid present in them contributes towards weight loss.

This coffee bean extract is derived from green beans which comprise in Chlorogenic acid. It helps your liver to process fatty acids more efficiently. Due to the reason that fatty acids are processed quite quickly, we tend to lose pretty rapidly. It is an extremely rich source of natural antioxidants as well. The overall affect on your body is quite good and therefore you are able to remain fit and healthy for years. The importance of this product for weight loss is immense. If you wish to know anything more about it then you can consider talking to a trained expert in this industry.
Some of the advantages of such beans are given below:

                It offers you amazing energy but never makes you feel jittery.
                It even boosts up your metabolism rate a great deal so that your natural fat burning process runs through smoothly.
                The appearance of cellulite is also reduced a great deal.
                The anti aging properties of green coffee beans are quite amazing.
                The chlorogenic acid present helps you in the process of weight loss.
                Helps you in maintaining body sugar level.
                It has absolutely no side effects.

The best thing about this product is that you can purchase it easily in the market. You can even place an order online as it is easily available on the internet. Pure coffee bean extracts for weight loss can be extremely good and there are absolutely no complaints regarding them. Once you start consuming them on a regular basis you are going to see the difference yourself.

So, this was all about the most amazing things that you should know about coffee beans extract for weight loss. The only thing that you should remember is that you should talk to your doctor beforehand regarding the consumption of such a product. This would help you in staying fit and healthy. This is one way of taking precautions. Read this article carefully for further information. It could be of great help and guidance to you. For any other information you can consider talking to an expert in this industry.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oxy Sleep – A Natural Sleep Aid

Insomnia is a condition which is most frequently defined as an individual’s inability to sleep. Some times one finds difficulty to fall asleep and in some cases the individuals report to have difficulty in staying asleep. The intensity can be little to as higher as chronic. In the era of hustle especially these days; more people are reporting to have trouble in falling sleep and pertinent to certain factors.

OXY SLEEP is a natural sleep aid which enables you to naturally fall and stay asleep with out any minor sort of side effect or even getting habitual to it unlike several other sleeping pills out there in the market. Each and every night after you start taking the oxy sleep, will tend to be easier for a healthy sleep as it is one of the drug free sleeping pills which maintains healthy sleep patterns. When the human body does not get an adequate sleep time, it tends to get more accustomed to tension and stress and leading to anxiety. Waking up fresh after a well rested night sleep will help the body over all in performing the day’s activities more jubilantly.

The oxy sleep embellish the healthy sleep cycles because the pill has melatonin and sundry other natural ingredients that aids the body in to natural sleep cycles. The insomniac patients lack the melatonin which is one of the biggest causes of the sleepless night other than stress, caffeine or alcohol

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The common sleeping aids
 impart feelings like you being hung over and want to do nothing except sleep and you do not wake up feeling great where as on the other hand, any natural sleeping aid relaxes your body all by natural means and with out any nasty feelings you feel naturally relaxed. This natural sleeping pill guarantees a sound night sleep with out any harsh effect on your sleeping patterns. In contrary to the fact that to look out for natural sleep aid solution is never easy for insomniacs and can be frustrating for them and it is just because of the pertinent factor which is mentioned. Unlike any other solution, the oxy sleep aid is great solution for any insomniac in bringing back the faith in healthy sleep.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How and Why Our Skin Ages

By Wilaiporn Kempka

We all want our skin to look young and be wrinkle free. It has always been like this and it is not going to change. Nowadays, there are hundreds, even thousands of treatments available to keep your skin wrinkle free and young looking. Anti-aging business is a multi-billion business as people are willing to do almost anything to stop their skin from aging. However, many people do not know why our skin ages, why wrinkles start to show and therefore spend thousands of dollars on products that give only short-time effects. To be able to fight the aging of the skin with success and stop wrinkles or at least minimize them, one should know the factors that cause skin aging.
We can distinguish two types of factors responsible for skin aging and wrinkles: internal factors and external factors. Internal factors are things inside our bodies, such as genes. External factors are those that affect our skin from the outside, such as lifestyle, sunlight, etc.
Internal Factors
We all age and there is really nothing we can do about it. Our genes determine how we go through this process of aging. Some people age faster than the others. However, the first signs of skin aging start to show when we are in our mid-20s! Early, isn't it? Of course those signs are very mild and wrinkles are not yet really visible but still, this is when the process starts. At this age, our skin cells are not able to regenerate as fast as they used to which results in older looking skin. Our skin is not as elastic as it was in our teenage days and wrinkles might start to appear. Luckily, those wrinkles are not yet really visible and most probably won't be for another few decades.
External Factors
As I already mentioned, those factors affect our skin from the outside. Out lifestyle greatly affects how fast our skin ages. Things such as sunlight, smoking, alcohol greatly affect how fast our skin ages and how fast wrinkles start to appear.
Sunlight is a big enemy of your skin and you should avoid it if you can. Yes, we all love a little suntan but remember, sunlight makes your skin age faster. Never forget to apply sunscreen when going out. And I am not talking here only about going to the beach. Whenever you go out, apply sunscreen! It is not only to prevent wrinkles but also protect you from even worse things such as a skin cancer. Sunscreen is a must especially for those who are fair-skinned. Fair skin is more prone to aging and wrinkles then dark skin, so wearing a sunscreen is obligatory.
Smoking does not only causes cancer and other kinds of diseases. It does not only affect your internal organs but also your skin. If you want to look young, be wrinkle free and enjoy beautiful skin for a long time, you must stay away from nicotine. Nicotine intake speeds up the break down of skin cells. It results in your skin aging faster and wrinkles to appear very quickly.
You have probably noticed that those who smoke look older than those who do not. Their skin is yellow and full of wrinkles. Those effects are caused by nicotine present in cigarettes.
If you are smoking stop now! Good news is that the skin of those who stopped smoking shows signs of improvement. And those positive changes show shortly after one quit smoking!
We all age, some of us faster and some of us later. There is really nothing we can do about it. We can help our skin to look younger longer by protecting it from the sunlight and with healthy lifestyle. But wrinkles will come to us sooner or later. Beauty products and all sorts of treatments only delay the symptoms of skin aging. They can also hide wrinkles for some time but they will become visible. It is difficult to accept for some of us but it is how it is. Do not view skin aging and wrinkles as diseases. They are not. They are yet another stage of the development of our bodies.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Acne & The Myths about Acne

For more information on this visit EverythingAcne 

Acne is a universal condition. A person is more likely to develop acne than any other disease.
It usually starts in adolescence and resolves by the mid twenties, but may continue beyond this age. Some degree of acne will affect over 90% of men and over 80% of all women at some time
in their lives, and many of these cases may require the help of a physician.
Acne develops earlier in women than in men and this may be due in part to the fact that, in general, women mature earlier than men. In fact, comedones (black heads and white heads) 
may be an early sign of puberty and often precede more inflammatory lesions (pimples) by two 
to three years.
Acne is a chronic, inflammatory condition that affects a particular type of pore or follicle know 
as the sebaceous follicle. These sebaceous follicles contain large oil glands (known as sebaceous glands) with deep and winding canals and a small, thin hair. These follicles are 
most numerous and the largest on the face but can also be found on the ears, neck, chest, 
back, and upper arms. Because of their structure, they are prone to the development of comedones. These comedones may then progress into pimples, pustules, and even cysts or nodules.
Despite an attempt to dispel many of the common myths regarding acne and acne therapy, many people remain confused as to whether there is any truth behind these myths. Below is a discussion of some of the more common misconceptions that still exist...
Diet and acne Chocolate. Greasy food. Candy. They all make acne worse, right? Not really. While the relationship between certain foods and acne remains one of the most commonly held beliefs, these beliefs are not supported. There have been several studies that have attempted to prove a link between diet and acne, but most have failed to prove a relationship. A recent study did suggest that milk intake, specifically skim mild could be related to acne as well as a smaller relationship with sherbet, cottage cheese, and cream cheese. The though proposed was that increased hormones found in the these dairy products were causing the acne. However, the data collected in this study was based on recall of acne, and did not actually involve a clinical diagnosis. In addition, there has been talk about the "western" diet and its overall effect on acne. The only study to look at this however, did not prove any significant relationship. So, to date, no overall conclusions can be made regarding the relationship between diet and acne. That being said, if it seems that a certain food is making your acne worse, it is best to try and avoid that food.

Hygiene/dirt and acne
It is a commonly held belief that dirt makes acne worse. However, when looking at the key components of acne, we see that this is a deeper process, and that dirt is actually not a factor. In fact, there is no scientific evidence to support the fact that dirt contributes to acne.
Face washing and acne
Most physicians recommend washing the face gently twice a day. There is a misconception however that washing the face more may help to further decrease acne. The opposite may be true. Increased or vigorous facial washing may cause a mechanical effect that can worsen acne. Face washing helps most if the use of a therapeutic cleanser is used and many physicians will include a prescription cleanser in individual acne regimens.
Stress and acne
The relationship of stress and acne has recently been re-evaluated. A recent study, though small, indicated that stress may in fact be associated with worsening of acne. It is felt that stress may release additional hormones that may influence acne formation. The study was small, but it seems that stress and acne may indeed be related.
Touching the face and acne
Similar to other myths, it is felt that touching the face may aggravate acne due to contamination with bacteria, adding dirt to the face, or adding more oil to the face. These ideas have never been supported. The only way that touching the face influences acne is by a mechanical phenomenon in which resting on a hand, etc. can cause breakdown of the follicles in an individual who is prone to acne (acne mechanica). In addition, a more extreme form of touching the face is picking at pimples and scratching them (acne excoriee). This type of behavior clearly can worsen acne.
Popping pimples and scarring
One commonly help belief is that popping pimples can make them disappear faster. While this may be true in rare cases of very superficial lesions, attempting to pop deeper lesions may actually worsen acne. When a deeper acne lesion in manipulated, there is a risk of pushing the inflammation deeper into the skin causing the follicle to stretch, distort, or even rupture. This then attracts more inflammation which causes the lesion to actually lasts longer and may even lead to scarring.
Sleep and acne
While there is no clear cut evidence that lack of sleep worsens acne, some feel that lack of sleep occurs most commonly during periods of high stress. This high stress level as previously discussed may contribute to worsening of acne.
Hydration (water consumption) and the skin
It is a widespread belief that drinking more water will help to hydrate the skin and that this can improve acne. This belief however is significantly flawed. There is no proof that increased water consumption can help acne. In addition, there is no scientific or studied proof that it can help hydrate the skin.
Tanning and acne
Many people fell that sunlight and tanning helps their acne. This may be true for a few reasons. First of all, a tan may help to cover up the appearance of blemishes. In addition, similar to the use of blue-light and lasers, UV light may help to kill bacteria and thus help acne. With this being said however, broad exposure to the sun or tanning booths is not recommended for the treatment of acne as the potential risks of skin cancer and photo aging far out weight the benefits it can provide in treating acne.
Exercise and acne
For some people, exercise may seem to help acne and likely this is from stress reduction. In others however there is the belief that sweat blocks pores and that this can in fact worsen or cause acne. A recent, small study however did not demonstrate any effect between physical activity induced sweat and the formation of acne. One explanation for the development of acne in athletes is acne mechanica as this can develop from heat, pressure, friction and occlusion that often occurs in individuals wearing heavy equipment while playing sports.

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Left is a picture before use of Unblemish and to the right is two weeks after starting the Unblemish Regimen

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Rodan + Fields Review

Yes there are some people that worry about a Rodan And Fields Scam. You’re not alone here. I have been scammed before so I have researched this company and found these important facts that will put your mind at ease.
Would it please you to know that the Rodan and Fields skincare company has been in business since 2002? Not only has it been in business for 8 years, it is headed up by 2 Stanford University graduates, Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan.
These 2 beautiful and talented medical professionals saw a huge need in the marketplace and perhaps, more importantly, an opportunity to bless the lives of millions of people who suffer from one of the most challenging problems in life, low self-esteem.
So many people never achieve their full potential due to low self esteem.
These 2 doctors really wanted to help people in this area.
There are lots of skincare products on the market but not many can reverse the ill affects of sun damaged skin. This is where Rodan And Fields come into play.
You’d be surprised if you knew how many people throughout the world suffer from sun damaged skin. Rodan And Fields markets a clinically proven product known as “reverse” that can provide tremendous benefits to those in this category.
Are you still concerned about a Rodan And Fields Scam?
Take a look at the following facts.
1. They’ve got a long history in the marketplace and many satisfied customers. The market place is a great judge of quality and customers continue to vote for Rodan and Fields with their dollars.
2. Rodan and Fields belongs to the DSA. This is a prestigious body who sets high standards in the direct sells industry.
3. Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields have chosen to be heavily involved in charitable giving – one of the hallmarks of any great company.
4.The Rodan and Fields direct selling brand is supported by the reputation of two of the most highly regarded leaders in the world of skincare. Their track record as skincare product developers and as opinion leaders in the beauty press are part of the assets that work to support Rodan and Fields Consultants as they introduce others to the benefits of the products, the product-support programs, and the potential lifestyle benefits of the business opportunity.
You can see from the following points that this company truly does bring great value to the market place.

Still need more proof read these SUCCESS STORIES    or    SEE WHAT EDITORS ARE SAYING 

Another website that helped me was Supreme Skin Care and their article 

I want to share a comment from a reader and Supreme Skin Cares response to his comment.
Randi Tindel { 02.27.10 at 9:36 pm }

Hi Renee- I have been in sales for 14 years and am considering the Rodan and Fields business opportunity. Here are my concerns:
1. Price is high for today’s economy
2. They don’t have a lot of products. They only have several “sets” of products that they sell as a regimen set.
3. Who are your customers?
4. Who are your Good customers?
5. Who have you gotten involved in the business under you?
6. Have the people you got involved been succesful?
7. (I am assuming you like the products)- But, why do you like the products?
8. What specific results have you seen?
9. How long did it take for you to build your business?
10. How long did it take for the people you got involved to build their business?
11. Has your return on investment been enough to justify all the time and money you have spent on this business and why (whether yes or no)
12. Are the majority of your customers single consumers, or spa/salon owners?
13. How much time a week do you spend on your business?

Supreme Skin Cares Response to the questions.

Renee Olson { 05.04.10 at 1:18 pm }

@ Randi and Bob, Thank you for your interest in Rodan and Fields. All of Randi’s questions are very good questions. I would think it to be odd if one didn’t ask similar questions before getting involved in any business.
So here are my answers. Keep in mind that these are MY answers, the way I see it.
1. Statistically (according to EBay, use Terapeak to verify) skin care will hold up in spite of our economy. If someone stops using skin care, it’s not because of the price, it’s because the products don’t work.
2. Even though skin is a complex issue, why does a product line have to be complex? Use the solution tool and see what it reveals about your skin. R and F uses multi med therapy to address the most common skin conditions presented to dermatologists. When the right products combine in the right order, people see results. Isn’t that what it’s about? Getting results. I’m sure they will add new products as technology improves, but the products need to actually address skin issues.
3. My customers are typically women between the ages of 30 and 65.
4. My good customers are women between the ages of 30 and 65.
5 and 6. My friends and family and their referrals have taken on various roles in the partnership with Rodan and Fields. Some are business partners, some are product users and some are referring sources. Every role is important. R and F is very different then what you may have been exposed to in the past. As far as success, your question is too broad. My idea of success may not be the same as yours. I have set my business to make 6 figures by September 2011. Is that your goal too?
Every consultant must have goals… If you set your goals and achieve them, then you are successful.
7. Yes, I use the product. If you don’t use the product and actually like it, why would you sell it? Well, of course, to make money. There’s lots of products on the market that don’t work AND just as many people who sell stuff that doesn’t work. (Just my opinion)
R and F products have shrunk my crater size pores significantly. It’s cleared up an acne issue that I didn’t know I even had. I thought my monthly flare ups didn’t count. My light brown spots on the right side of my lip have diminished and my deep creases have been reduced tremendously. I go to network meetings and get up close to other women and point out that my swimming pools are gone.
But the long and the short of it is… I was an internet marketer looking for a product to sell online. I didn’t know when I joined, if the products really worked. If they didn’t work , they could join the rest of the products in my bathroom that don’t work. 6 months later, I can’t live without my products. I feel pretty.
I wasn’t avoiding your questions all this time, I just knew I couldn’t answer your questions in one sentence. This blog started out as a method to attract prospects, but will never be as productive as what I can do with a phone, email, facebook, MySpace, chamber meetings and networking events.
8. Has been answered above.
9. I will always be building my business. I want to work hard for 3 to 5 years and then maintain.
10. Some join immediately. Some join after they use the products. This business is not for everyone. Never chase people. It’s either a good fit for them or not. Do you really want to MAKE someone do their job? Or would you rather work with someone who says, “show me the way.”
11. Yes and no. As I’ve said, I’m an internet marketer. So I spend a lot of time on the internet doing things that are not specific to the system of Rodan and Fields. This blog for instance is a huge drain on my time. It is certainly not part of the R and F system, but I felt compelled to at least build the site. Truth be told… I use the two websites from corporate and drive traffic to that.
My husband and I own a commercial programming business that runs on autopilot for the most part and generates residuals. We’ve had that since 1998. We had an interior design store that went under and we lost over $100,000. If you want to be a business owner, you have to grasp the fact that this is a cheap buy in.
12. I don’t pursue salons…
13. I used to work about 10 hours a week. Now I have reworked my hours to 30.

Randi, I have to admit that it feels like you want me to convince you to do this business. Or maybe you feel you should compare yourself to me. In either case, you’re doing yourself an injustice. All you need to ask yourself is… am I coachable. If the answer is yes, you should become a consultant. If you don’t, you may end up “shoulding” on yourself. Why look back in life and say…”I should have joined Rodan and Fields.”

Monday, September 20, 2010

Idol White Teeth Whitening Review - Idol Teeth Whitening at Home Kit & How to Get Free Trials Sample

Not Just the Famous Idol Kardashian Girls Speaking this Time: Users Speak
The best way to find out which product is the best product to whiten your teeth at home without dental laser treatments and the best one for you is to check out review sites. These independent review sites have reviews of various products like the Idol White teeth whitening review that is written by people that have actually used the products. Both good and bad reviews could be read from these review sites.
You can find unbiased reviews all over the internet about whichever tooth whitening product you intend to use at home to whiten your teeth. But then again, you have to take these reviews with a grain of salt. Reading through several reviews and comparing these reviews would give you a better picture of how the product actually works for most users. There are lots of unsatisfied and satisfied customers' stories regarding any dental system that you can easily find online to help you decide if the one you intend to buy is reliable and effective to use.
Whiter teeth are just one click away. After you have read the reviews like the Idol White teeth whitening review, you can already decide which product to purchase online. For most of these dental whitening products, you can simply fill out the online order form and wait for your order to be delivered to your doorstep within a day or two. If you are ordering from the United States or UK, most of the manufacturers and distributors of these dental whitening products offer next day delivery.
There are also those products like the 'Idol kardashian Smile' teeth whitening system that have free trial offers so you can be protected with a money back guarantee. Choose your dental whitening product carefully and make sure that you get only those products that are proven by other users to be effective and safe. Only those from reputable sources and manufacturers are likely to contain the right mix and quantity of ingredients that do not pose any danger to your health.
Never settle for any product to whiten your teeth at home simply because it offers free trials samples to everyone. Always do your search very well before you even opt for any free trial offer online. Your oral and general health should be the first thing you certainly have to consider first and foremost.
Now listen very carefully! If you want a dental teeth whitening product that will not cause you teeth sensitivity or any known tooth problem at all, just visit this page right here: Idol White Teeth Whitening Review!
Visit that site to find out how to get a Teeth Whitening Free Trials sample online that is commonly used by millions of people in both the Unite States and in the UK. A whitening system that is endorsed by the kardashian Girls and famous among thousands of celebrities!