Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Diet Solution Program Scam – Review

The Diet Solution Program is a 180-page book written by Isabel De Los Rios. The authoress promises that people who would follow the advice in her book would not only lose weight, but also enjoy beautiful skin, feel energetic, and enjoy a great disposition. Everyone who read the book said that it is wonderfully simple and lucid.
The most important thing about her book is that it explains to you why most diets do not work and how you could ensure that yours will. Isabel painstakingly explodes some of the most popular myths about nutrition and popular foods, which act not only as revelations but life-changing information.
here is an added dimension to 'The Diet Solution Program' which is the assurance that people who suffer from diabetes and other such diseases can lose weight as well. This particular assurance and guide has encouraged people from all over the world to look and work towards obtaining and maintaining their ideal body weight.

This is perhaps the greatest achievement of Isabel De Los Rios as this particular book gives hope, and she goes on to say that it is possible to lose weight even for those who thought that it wasn't possible and were convinced that a life of obesity and its related health issues were their destiny.

The Diet Solution Program proclaims that all you need to maintain a great body weight is to eliminate the wrong type of foods from your diet. It is that simple. Eat healthy, stay healthy and have a great body. Unlike other leading diet programs, this one does not include rigid meal plans or exercise regimes.

Isabel says that regular exercise is enough provided you eat right; and by eating right does not mean that you go eliminating carbohydrates and other 'fun stuff' from your table forever. Rather, she suggests that you can achieve excellent health and your ideal weight by eliminating unhealthy foods.

Be prepared for some jaw-dropping revelations in her book about your favorite and seemingly "healthy" foods. Isabel has based this book on her 15 years plus research on nutrition, exercise and health as well as her own personal experience. She has metamorphosed from an awkwardly overweight teenager (with diabetes in the family medical history) into the drop-dead-gorgeous woman you see today simply by just following the right way of eating.

She believes, preaches and helps people to adopt a healthy diet which will become second nature. Isabel always said that health cannot be imposed through rigid diet modules; it has to feel right and be natural. This is what her book, 'The Diet Solution Program' offers - a completely natural way of losing weight that works like a charm, an ideal way to keep watch that you stay that way plus the empowering belief that no matter what, it is possible to lose weight.

In my opinion this is a book everybody should read whether or not you want to lose weight; whether or not you suffer from diabetes, heart problems or other similar ailments; whether or not you have read other weight related books before. If nothing else, you will find some exceptional life-changing information about your daily food that would benefit you greatly.

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  1. This book should be trying once by me. As I also want to reduce weight and want to make my skin shiny and glowing.