Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lipo 6 for Weight Loss

Although exercise and a healthy diet are the best ways to combat the problem of gaining weight, more and more people are having to resort to ‘short cuts’ to achieve similar or better results. There are several weight reduction devices that form part of this category of ‘short cuts,’ so are diet control pills. In this connection, there are many pills that claim to be completely natural and hence have very little or no side effects, Hoodia being an example. Others openly talk about the possible side effects of use – Lipo 6 falls into this category. The effects of Lipo 6 are a much debated topic, which is why this product has been altered since the time it came in originally.
Lipo 6 is part of the ever increasing bandwagon of weight reduction pills; however what sets this one apart is all the goodness of having 6 different fat burning agents put into one, which makes it a rather effective pill to fight all that fat. The effects of Lipo 6 are many, which essentially depend on the ingredients that form part of it.

It originally came in with Ephedra being a very integral part of it. Owing to this, Lipo 6 is a quite rare these days since Ephedra based fat burners are soon becoming a dying breed. The reactions of users of Lipo 6 towards this ingredient have been mixed and very controversial. Those who swear by the efficiency of this wonder ingredient are upset that Ephedra is so much more difficult to locate nowadays; the effects of Lipo 6 are debatable however. Their claim is that Ephedra when combined with aspirin and caffeine form a proven fat burning trio, which is often referred to as the famous "ECA stack".

The role that Ephedra plays in this combination is indispensable, which is why the new versions without it are not as much appreciated. The makers of Lipo 6 have always been forthcoming in informing users that those in certain abnormal conditions of the body must refrain from using this pill. For instance those with high blood pressure and a few other contraindicated symptoms should steer clear away from this pill since the effects of Lipo 6 can be negative. All other hype had been unfounded and never backed by any concrete evidence about its so called destructive power.
It was a victory for Ephedra antagonists when the new version of Lipo 6 was introduced. In the wake of the Ephedra ban, Lipo 6 has had to go through a bit of a facelift; it however is not significantly different from the old version, except for the fact that the Ephedra has been taken off. Despite the fact that Ephedra is effective, the possible health hazards that it can cause are what caused its removal from the new formulations. Aspirin has been left out too much to the pleasure of those who suffer from aspirin intolerance and several phyto-extracts have been added so as to reduce side effects of Lipo 6.

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